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How was this plan developed?

Unity is coming together for a common cause. After the 2014 school bond did not pass, our school district realized a plan to improve USD 257 school facilities would have to be citizen-led. 

District leaders sent out over 100 letters in hopes that a Steering Committee could be formed to study our facilities and recommend a plan of action. Over fifty patrons of USD 257 volunteered, many of whom were in favor of the 2014 bond issue, and many who were against it. 


These patrons are your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and fellow church goers. In early meetings, it became obvious that the group was a long way from agreeing on a solution. Yet, moving forward together, they studied infrastructure needs, building efficiencies, and numerous concepts for renovations and new construction, always keeping a strong emphasis on affordability. 


In order to create the most well-rounded proposal for the future of USD 257, the committee met with many community members in individual and group settings. 


After 12 months the committee not only created what they felt was an acceptable and affordable solution for the school district, but they were unanimous in their support of it. This plan will raise the level of our children's educational experience, deal with the energy inefficiencies of our current buildings, allow more money into our children's classrooms, and start our community on a progressive path for the future. 

As a committee, this process was extremely demanding, but the reward came in seeing a diverse group put their own ideas aside and come together for the benefit of our kids. 

Our Kids. Our Schools. Our Future.