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What can $0.35 a day buy you? $0.10 a day? $0.04 a day? Not a whole lot, right?

What about $0.49? A penny shy of two quarters, but you’d still have a hard time buying much at your

local convenience store.

It may not seem like that one quarter, two dimes, and four pennies hold much promise, but for our children, it would mean the world. It would mean a safer school. Better instruction. Reliable technology. Comfortable learning environments no matter the weather outside. A state-of-the-art science building and cafeteria before they jump into the real world.


All of a sudden, those coins hold a lot more promise. Because here are the facts:

$0.49 a day is the tax increase on a $70,000 house to pass all three questions on the bond ballot.

$0.35 a day to provide a new elementary building

$0.10 a day for a new state of the art science building and cafeteria for the high school along with a storm shelter for the middle school and high school to share. 

$0.04 a day for a new HVAC system for the middle school



Cost Breakdown


Questions       Our Cost             State Aid           Total Cost for the Bond

Question 1       $16,575,000      $8,925,000       $25,500,000

Question 2      $4,550,000       $2,450,000       $7,000,000

Question 3      $1,820,000        $980,000          $2,800,000