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Bond Proposal Question 1: Vote Yes!

New PreK-5th Elementary School with Storm Shelter

Teachers spend more time with our kids than we as parents do some days, and they are the most important element in a child’s education.  For our teachers to be successful in their efforts, however, we must supply them with the very best tools to educate. Right now, our current elementary buildings do not provide these tools.


A steering committee of over 50 people met for over 12 months and determined that the cost to rehabilitate existing schools and consolidate to a brand-new school would be nearly identical. After further review, the committee concluded a single state-of-the-art elementary school would also save our school district over $300,000 a year in operational costs. This would have a major impact on our school district’s ability to properly invest in our children’s education. 


The proposed new elementary building would:


  • Put our children in a more secure and safe environment both inside the classroom and during the drop-off/pick-up process. Controlled security access and classroom intruder locks will be in place. Parking and bus drop-off will be separate to improve traffic flow. Storm shelters will be provided where none are today.

  • Provide necessary electrical and technological needs for today’s classrooms. The aging infrastructure in our buildings today is not adequate for today’s teaching styles.

  • Give us a single-level building to help with accessibility and providing adequate space for our students with special needs.

  • Will do away with the “cafeteriums” we have today – using the gymnasium for a cafeteria, causing storage challenges and loss of educational time.

  • Allow us to move the 5th grade back into the elementary environment.

  • Allow our teaching staff opportunities to collaborate in ways that our current attendance centers do not.

  • Be more energy efficient, allowing us to funnel those energy savings into the classroom.  


Many of you who will vote on this issue walked through the doors of our current elementary buildings for your first day of school and many days after. Those buildings have served our school district well. They have served their educational purpose.  It is time to allow those buildings to serve our community in a new way.


A “Yes” vote on Question 1 will be our first step in strengthening the educational experiences of our younger students as they begin their educational journey.  At a cost of only $0.35 per day on a $70,000 home, we can set them on a pathway to success.


Our kids. Our schools. Our future.    Vote  Yes-Yes-Yes on April 2nd!