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Bond Proposal Question 2: Vote Yes!

New state of the art science building, cafeteria, and shared storm shelter.

 Very few people have had as great an impact on shaping the minds of students as our very own Marv Smith.  Hearing Marv comment that the brand-new science building of 1965 was key in attracting him to USD 257 makes it hard to deny the benefit that building played in educating our children.  But today this building is over 55 years old, and its needs are just as urgent as those of our elementary schools.


The science building’s rooms have safety hazards including: drainage problems, lack of reliable safety stations for chemical spills or accidents (eye wash and shower), non-operational fume hoods and structural issues. The rooms are not designed for today’s teaching, as they are too small to have lab stations inside the classroom. The building itself is inefficient with single pane windows, roofing problems, and structural issues that are beyond repair. Furthermore, there is no storm shelter for the middle school or high school.


As a community, it is our responsibility to keep our kids safe and prepare them for a successful future. The good news is there is a solution and the state will help pay for it.  


The plan is to build a new state-of-the-art building that will provide the following:


  • Science Rooms, (Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Physical Science)

  • Engineering lab space with area for robotics

  • Greenhouse

  • Cafeteria / café space with new kitchen

  • Culinary arts labs

  • FEMA certified storm shelter with capacity to protect all of the middle school and high school students and staff.


The existing science building and cafeteria will be razed to provide much needed parking for the high school.


In a new science building, teachers and students will be able to perform lab activities in the same room they receive instruction instead of moving from room to room. The storm shelter will keep the high school and middle school children safe and the new cafeteria will create a better and cleaner environment.


Just as the existing building served previous generations, this building will serve current and future generations well. Whether our graduates go on to college or straight to the workforce, a new science building will ensure they’ll be ready for success in today’s dynamic economy and  able to adapt to the future. Let’s equip our teachers with the tools and equipment they need to make sure our kids can achieve their full potential!


A “Yes” vote to question two on the ballot would approve a $7 million investment. The 35% state aid would cut the financial cost for USD 257 to approximately $4.55 million. The property tax increase for the owner of a $70,000 home would be approximately $2.91 per month or 10 cents a day.


Our kids. Our schools. Our future.   Vote Yes-Yes-Yes on April 2!